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Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

Lavender Chloe

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Comfort a deeply fatigued body after a tough day with the exceptional strength of Sacred Frankincense essential oil, sourced directly from Oman. Dilute a few drops in a natural carrier oil, such as Rosehip oil or Jojoba oil, and add a complimentary oil for additional benefits, or use alone for a targeted application. Work into muscles and joints with moderate to light pressure for significant feelings of relaxation and relief.

Treat your skin to the elite power of pure Sacred Frankincense essential oil. Maintain youthful looking skin, target stubborn scars, improve stretch marks, clarify complexion, and cultivate your own intrinsic beauty. Add a few drops to your skincare cream and blend well. Apply daily to face, neck, shoulders, hands, and other problem areas for exceptional nourishing benefits.

Don't let the beauty of an ordinary moment escape your notice. Rely on the remarkable emotional benefits of this pure essential oil to calm, ground, and center your mood and thoughts. Carry a bottle with you to manage daily stress and distraction. Breathe directly from the bottle to release feelings of pressure and stress. Use after tense conversations to help you process strong feelings and rebound to a more stable footing.